An App That Supports Decision-Making and Planning

Informed decision-making leads to smarter decision-making. As Elston Solberg, Crop Intelligence’s own expert agronomist, has said before—"trust the data so you can crush the agronomy.”


The data that our Crop Intelligence app provides and the support that our team offers helps you inform your planning and decision-making—both in-season and before next season.


  • Fertility planning

Fertilizer inputs represent a significant portion of a farm’s total cost of production. Knowing your crop available water and water driven yield potential can provide important context for fertility planning decisions. With Crop Intelligence’s data, you can invest more accurately in your fertilizer inputs by knowing how you should plan.


  • Reducing production risks

There have been years when we’ve seen moisture deficits at key growth stages negatively impact crop development. In these years, you may be wise to reduce production risks and might opt to forego additional inputs. Knowledge of where the crop roots are pulling and what remains for stored soil moisture can help support making these complicated choices and provide you with more reassurance in your decisions.


  • Strategic allocation of resources

Monitoring precipitation and soil moisture across different areas and crop types allows you to further quantify the variability in yield potential across your farm. This information, interpreted through Crop Intelligence, can support the strategic allocation of resources for in-season decisions, rotation planning, and spring fertilizer requirements.


  • Rotational planning support

Each field has its own “personality” dependent on factors such as previous management and environmental conditions. As a result, year-to-year, one field may be a better fit to grow one type of crop over another. Understanding farm-wide variability can aid in identifying which fields are most suitable for pulse crops. Alternating deep-rooted, long season crops with shallow-rooted, short season crop can result in a more efficient use of water resources.


  • Peace of mind

Collectively, all of these factors contribute to providing peace of mind for any farming operation. When you feel secure in the decisions you’re making based on trusted data, you’ll have less uncertainty when it comes to the risk, planning and decision-making on your farm.


Are you curious about how our Crop Intelligence app works? Learn more about it here.