Annual Summit

November 20-21, 2019
DoubleTree by Hilton • Regina, SK



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We are excited to announce that we will be hosting our first Crop Intelligence Annual Summit.

The conference will feature:

  • High level agronomy speakers – learn how to take your farm to the next level with cutting-edge agronomy insights.
  • Farmer Panel – highlighting innovative producers and the strategies they have adopted to stand out as some of the best in the industry.
  • Industry Support Person Panel – hear from the experts that work with Crop Intelligence farmers to make them more profitable.
  • Breakout sessions – opportunities to do a deep dive into Crop Intelligence and soil moisture data. Learn to recognize trends and opportunities.
  • Networking opportunities – exchange ideas and insights with farmers and agronomists from across Western Canada.

Crop Intelligence customers represent some of the most progressive and successful farmers in Western Canada. This event will provide an opportunity for our customers, vendors and agronomy partners to network, exchange knowledge and learn from the data.

We hope to see you and your colleagues at this event to share, learn and grow together.

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View and download full program.

November 20, 2019
Sessions will run from 8:45am – 5:15pm
Following sessions will be a social from 5:30pm-7:30pm
A cold breakfast and hot lunch will be provided for attendees each day

Keynote – Tyson Kennett & Sean Taylor, MNP - Are you Maximizing Your Profits?

Breakout Sessions (attendees will choose two out of the four session topics each day):

  • Elston Solberg, 'Crop Whisperer', Co-founder, EarthDirtSoil - Trust the Data. Crush the Agronomy.

  • Markus Braaten, Crop Manager, Yara North America - Managing What You’ve Measured

  • Rigas Karamanos, Senior Agronomist, KOCH - Field Application Efficiencies - Utilizing the 4Rs

  • Bonnie Mandziak and Kendall Gee, Team Leads, Crop Intelligence (3 optional sessions)

    • Every Soil Tells a Story

    • Farmer Bias De-Bunked

    • Water in the Ground is Like Money in the Bank

Keynote - Craig Davidson, President and Managing Partner, Taurus Ag - Plant Health = Soil Health = Water Utilization

Group Panel – Farmer Panel

Crop Intelligence 2.0


November 21, 2019
Sessions will run from 8:45am – 5:15pm
Following sessions will be a social from 5:30pm-7:30pm
A cold breakfast and hot lunch will be provided for attendees each day

Keynote – Yancy Wright, Senior Agronomist, John Deere - Innovation is a Process

Breakout Sessions (attendees will choose two out of the four session topics each day):

  • Elston Solberg, 'Crop Whisperer', Co-founder, EarthDirtSoil - Trust the Data. Crush the Agronomy.

  • Curtis Russell, Agronomic Marketing Regional Manager, Taurus Ag - Plant Health = Soil Health = Water Utilization

  • Markus Braaten, Crop Manager, Yara North America - Managing What You’ve Measured

  • Bonnie Mandziak and Kendall Gee, Team Leads, Crop Intelligence - (3 optional sessions)

    • Every Soil Tells a Story 

    • Farmer Bias De-Bunked

    • Water in the Ground is Like Money in the Bank

Group Panel – Industry Support Person Panel

Keynote - Drew Lerner, President, World Weather Inc. - 2020 Weather - Is the Drought Over?

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Ryan Hutchison Business Development Lead, Crop IntelligenecRyan Hutchison
Business Development Lead
Crop Intelligence

Ryan has worked in the precision ag industry for over 25 years. During that time, he has been part of the introduction of guidance systems, auto steer, satellite imagery, weather stations, moisture probes, and variable rate technologies. Ryan has long understood the value of good data when it is trusted and put into action. His team’s goal is to help producers collect “timely, accurate, usable data” for their operation.


Bonnie Mandziak, Team Lead, Crop IntelligenceBonnie Mandziak
Team Lead
Crop Intelligence

Bonnie primarily focuses on the continued development of the Crop Intelligence App. She is a key collaborator within the group and the grease that keeps everything running smoothly. When she isn’t working through customer data, you will usually find her interacting with farmers or vendors—spreading her passion for Crop Intelligence. Bonnie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan (Soil Science) and has been working with the Crop Intelligence team since 2017.


Kendall Gee, Team Lead, Crop IntelligenceKendall Gee
Team Lead
Crop Intelligence

Small but mighty, Kendall is not afraid of hard work and telling it to you straight. As one of the key driving forces in the development of Crop Intelligence, Kendall was able to take a big picture idea and successfully make it into an industry-changing tool. She is a passionate agronomist who truly enjoys helping farmers make better agronomic decisions while embracing new technology. Kendall holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Lethbridge (Environmental Science) and is a Certified Crop Advisor. She has been working with South Country Equipment since 2013.


Sean Taylor Manager Agriculture Services MNPSean Taylor
Manager, Agriculture Services

Working out of the Regina office, Sean draws on nearly a decade of experience to help owners of grain and cattle farms achieve their business and personal goals. As the owner of a family farm, Sean is keenly aware of the challenges and opportunities today’s agricultural producers face. He draws on his personal knowledge as well as experience with other agricultural operations to deliver strong business advice customized to his clients’ marketplace and unique situations. Sean’s services include financial statement preparation, succession planning and assistance with AgriStability.


Tyson Kennell Senior Manager Agriculture Services MNPTyson Kennett
Senior Manager, Agriculture Services

Tyson works with landowners and owners of grain farms and cattle farms, helping them address ever-changing business issues and identifying practical solutions that will allow them to achieve their goals. Tyson’s services include accrual financial statement preparation and analysis, AgriStability preparation and tax advice, preparation and filing for corporations and individuals. He also assists with succession planning and identifying the most efficient business structure. Having grown up on a farm and dealt firsthand with family succession planning, Tyson has a unique understanding of his clients. He takes the time to listen to their concerns and objectives so he can ensure solutions will be effective.


Yancy Wright Senior Agronomist John DeereYancy Wright
Senior Agronomist
John Deere

Yancy Wright is a Senior Agronomist with John Deere. He works with the Small Grains Production System Innovation Team and the John Deere Crop Care Platform. Yancy is based out of Olathe, Kansas, where he resides with his wife and three children. He grew up on his family’s 1100-acre wheat and cattle farm in the panhandle of Oklahoma. Yancy attended Oklahoma State University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Plant and Soil Science (Agronomy) and a Maters of Science in Agricultural Economics. He has been working for John Deere since January of 2004, where he has held jobs in marketing and sales working with product development programs and with the dealer channel. In his current role, Yancy brings a science-based approach to generate innovative and effective solutions to some of our greatest production limitations in small grains cropping systems.


Elston Co Found Earth Dirt Soil Crop WhispererElston Solberg
Earth Dirt Soil, “Crop-Whisperer”

Elston is a proud co-founder of Earth Dirt Soil, president of Sun Mountain Inc. and has enjoyed 39 years of agronomic research and extension. He is widely published, interviewed and presents to 1000’s of people every year. If Elston can’t clearly explain something to a 14-year-old, then he feels like he has failed. He knew very early in life he would be a scientist and chose to help feed a starving planet, and his primary professional goal has been to always provide non-biased agronomic advice to coaches and growers. Along with always learning, unlearning, and re-learning all things gronomic, Elston is currently focused on understanding water driven yield potential and next generation elemental sulphur nutrient solutions.


Markus Braaten, CAA, Crop Manager, Yara North AmericaMarkus Braaten
Crop Manager
Yara North America

Markus Braaten graduated from Montana State University with a BS in Agriculture Education and Biology in 1998. He spent six years as an instructor of Agriculture Sciences and Biology. In 2000, Markus returned with his wife and children to their hometown of Kalispell where he continued teaching prior to launching a new career in agronomy. Since 2004, Markus has a variety of roles including sales agronomist, independent advisor, agronomy trainer and precision agronomist for CHS, Agri-Trend and Trimble Navigation. He is currently employed by Yara as Crop Manager for Yara North America where he works to bring Yara’s global agronomic expertise, extensive product portfolio and digital tools together to drive grower profitability and sustainability without adding complexity to their operations.


Craig Davidson, President and Founding Partner Taurus AgCraig Davidson
President & Founding Partner
Taurus Ag

From the day Taurus opened its doors in 2001, Craig has been driven to help growers understand the why’s behind the how’s in agriculture. His goal has been to create a different kind of company: one that is focused on promoting innovative, scientifically-backed technologies and leading edge agronomic strategies based on education, knowledge and data. Since then, he has been helping business-minded growers to benefit through Taurus’ fact-first approach to farming. Craig has spent his whole life in agriculture. Before founding Taurus he served in senior management roles with fertilizer manufacturers on both sides of the border. He continues to be actively involved in a fifth-generation family farming operation in Virden, Manitoba.


Curtis Russell Agronomic Marketing Regional Manager TaurusCurtis Russell
Agronomic Marketing Regional Manager
Taurus Ag

As a Professional Agrologist, Curtis is committed to helping growers excel with every pass over the field. He is excited by the opportunity to share the latest advancements and best practices in modern agronomy with Taurus growers and retailers. Prior to joining Taurus, Curtis spent 15 years with a major crop management company as a territory sales manager. He grew up on a grain farm in southwest Saskatchewan, which inspired him to pursue his BSc in Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan, graduating with a major in Agronomy and minor in Business.


Rigas Karamanos Crop Intel Annual SummitRigas Karamanos
Senior Agronomist
Koch Fertilizer Canada

Dr. Karamanos received his BSA from the University of Thessaloniki, Greece and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Soil Chemistry and Fertility from the University of Saskatchewan. He has taught at the University of Saskatchewan and McGill University, and has served as the Senior Research Agronomist with Esso Chemical Canada, Director of the Saskatchewan Soil Testing Laboratory and Enviro-Test Laboratories Saskatoon and Manager of Agronomy with Westco and Manager of Agronomic Solutions for Viterra. Dr. Karamanos is the Sr. Agronomist with Koch Fertilizer/Agronomic Services in Canada. He was awarded a fellowship in the Canadian Society of Agronomy in 2013 and as inducted in the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame in 2015. He received the Distinguished Agronomist Award by the Canadian Society of Agronomy in 2019.


Drew Lerner Bio ImageDrew Lerner
World Weather Inc.

Drew Lerner is President and Senior Agricultural Meteorologist of World Weather, Inc. Drew has been forecasting international weather for 40 years. He began his meteorology career in 1978 as he participated in an international effort to collect data and improve weather forecasting for the Asian Monsoon. Since then, Drew has been supporting the agricultural industry by providing detailed short and long range weather predictions for each major crop area in the world. His daily assessments of crop and weather expectations supports commodity market trade and helps many companies make better agricultural business decisions. Drew started World Weather, Inc. in 2001 after leading Global Weather Services in the late 1990s. World Weather, Inc. is based in the Kansas City area and supports an expanding group of clientele residing in North and South America, India, Europe, Africa and Australia.

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Are You Maximising Your Profits?
Tyson Kennett and Sean Taylor, MNP
Do you know your profit potential? Tyson and Sean will discuss the keys to performing a proper profit analysis on your farm, taking gross margin, labour, power, machinery, land, building, and finance into account. They’ll also go over how to benchmark information for your future use and how to figure out what percent of your farm’s potential you’re actually achieving. This session will also highlight how you can use your data to make better risk management decisions.

Innovation is a Process
Yancy Wright, John Deere
In his keynote address, Yancy will explore his unique and systematic approach to innovation; from academic literature to hypothesis generation all the way to field validation. In small grains production plant establishment is estimated to be between 50 and 70%. How can we do better? What can we do to improve residue management across the production system? Are their opportunities to measure and manage grain quality more effectively? Yancy will cover all of this and more.

Trust the Data. Crush the Agronomy.
Elston Solberg, Earth Dirt Soil
Grow your confidence, cash, and life in this breakout session. Elston will discuss how to stop farming by the calendar and address some of the most common bias’s that may be limiting the yields on your farm.

Plant Health = Soil Health = Water Utilization
Craig Davidson & Curtis Russell, Taurus Ag
The biological and nutritional perspective of how strong, robust plants early in the growing season can drive roots and increase soil contact and water utilization.

Managing What You’ve Measured
Markus Braaten, Yara North America
Making the most of available resources has long been a tradition in agriculture and nowhere is that sentiment more applicable than in rain fed crop production. Now, using Crop Intelligence by South Country, farmers have comprehensive knowledge regarding resources impacting crop production allowing for objective view on realtime yield potential. Couple Crop Intelligence with sound agronomy and we can now maximize each inch of moisture through complete crop nutrition. Join Markus Braaten, with Yara North America, to learn how through a complete crop nutrient solution of micro and macronutrients you can better maximize your valuable resources.

Field Application Efficiencies - Utilizing the 4Rs
Rigas Karamaos, Koch Fertilizer Canada
The 4R nutrient stewardship concept defines the right source, rate, time, and place for fertilizer application. There are three major losses of nitrogen (N) from the soil-plant system, namely, volatilization, denitrification and leaching. The most common practice in western Canada to reduce gaseous losses has been incorporation of the fertilizer into the soil, especially in bands, however, this practice now is under scrutiny as shallow banding is proving to be less efficient in affording protection of urea-based fertilizers than deep banding. Further with the increase in farm size, operational efficiencies have led to broadcasting urea-based products. Research with Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers demonstrates the reduction of the potential of nutrient losses to the environment by the latter practices.

2020 Weather – Is the Drought Over?
Drew Lerner, World Weather Inc.
In this presentation, Drew will give a holistic overview of next year’s weather patterns. He’ll cover the winter and spring 2020 outlook, the soil moisture situation, long term trends and dominant weather patterns, atmospheric trends, and how global weather is likely to impact markets and world supply.

Farmer Panel
Panelists to be announced.
With 85 years of combined farming experience, and 15 years of Crop Intelligence experience, the farmer panel will highlight their individual successes, failures, and challenges overcome. They will share the strategies that have helped them thrive during some of the most challenging years our industry has seen in recent history.

Industry Support Person Panel
Panelists to be announced.
Farming in 2019 likely means your farm has an excess of data. The difference between being overwhelmed and finding success is having the support of professionals that understand how to help you leverage that data to grow your profits.

Every Soil Tells a Story
Bonnie Mandziak, Crop Intelligence
Bonnie will bring her passion for soils and what you can learn from them to this data review. Let’s go below the soil surface to understand how water and roots tell the other side of your crop’s story.

Farmer Bias De-Bunked
Kendall Gee, Crop Intelligence
A cognitive bias is a systematic error in thinking that effects individuals’ judgment and decision-making. Wikipedia lists 122 types of decision-making biases. In this breakout session, Kendall will make an argument to add a 123rd type to the list; Farmer Bias. Over the past three years Crop Intelligence has been collecting data that disproves some of the most common farmer misconceptions. The session will highlight some of these and present the tools to get out of your own way on the road to higher yields and increased profits.

Water in the Ground is Like Money in the Bank
Bonnie Mandziak and Kendall Gee, Crop Intelligence
Some of the most valuable insights from Crop Intelligence can be gained from fall soil moisture values. In this breakout session, Bonnie and Kendall will review trends in fall moisture from 2017-2019 and highlight strategies to maximize the data on your farm.

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Tickets are on sale now!

Early Bird (Sept 16 - Oct 21) - $125 per person per day*

Regular Pricing (Oct 22 - Nov 12) - $175 per person per day*

*plus applicable taxes
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CCA CEU Credits Available

Nutrient Management:
• Trust the Data. Crush the Agronomy – Elston Solberg: 1 CEU
• Plant Health = Soil Health = Water Utilization – Craig Davidson & Curtis Russell: 1 CEU
• Managing What You’ve Measured – Markus Braaten: 1 CEU
• Field Application Efficiencies - Utilizing the 4Rs – Rigas Karamanos: 1

CEU Soil & Water Management:
• Farmer Bias De-Bunked – Kendall Gee: 1 CEU
• Every Soil Tells a Story – Bonnie Mandziak: 1 CEU
• Water in the Ground is like Money in the Bank – Kendall Gee & Bonnie Mandziak: 1 CEU

Crop Management:
• Innovation is a Process – Yancy Wright: 1 CEU
• Are You Maximizing Your Profits? – Tyson Kennett & Sean Taylor: 1 CEU
• 2020 Weather - Is the Drought Over? – Drew Lerner: 1 CEU


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