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Crop Intelligence - 2019 Potential is live!

As we work our way through harvest many are of you are looking to the future and starting to plan for the 2019 crop year.  Knowing your soil moisture is a valuable tool in season but it can also can be an important tool for 2019 planning.  
The Crop Intelligence Team has developed a 2019 Potential Calculator which takes your current available soil moisture and calculates your 2019 yield potentials based on 50%, 75%, 100% and 125% of thirty-year average of total winter precipitation and growing season rainfall.

The 2019 Potential can be found on the Crop Intelligence website and in the Crop Intelligence App in the top righthand corner of the graph associated with each site. Make sure you have the most recent version of the App in the App Store (Version 1.0.14 or newer).
*Values are based on regional average yields per inch of available soil moisture.
If it is shaping up to be a dry year what do you need to do to lessen the impact of drought?
  • Reduce fall tillage to conserve moisture and increase residue to maximize snow catch throughout the winter.
  • Select a crop and variety that is more drought tolerant.
  • Select a crop that has lower crop inputs costs.
  • Reduce the rate of fertilizer that is applied at seeding time, with the option to top dress in season if conditions improve.
On the flip side if you have good moisture and the year is looking full of potential what can you to do capitalize on that?
  • Select a variety that has the maximum yield potential to capitalize on the increase yield.
  • Review your fertility plan. What do you need for nutrients to reach that goal?  Are you front loading and topdressing?  If you are topdressing do you have everything in place to be ready in season?  That window is usually very small so it is important to know how and what you plan to apply. Talk to your agronomist and retailer to make sure you have the tools and products in place to be ready to pull in-season triggers. 
Year-End Site Review

We want to better understand the agronomics of your field.  Please take some time to fill out the Year-End Site Review associated with your field at
To access the Year End Review page, click on the link in the top righthand corner of your graph.  
 The form is a short series of questions regarding the agronomics of your field for the growing season.  This gives you the opportunity to record information about field for future reference. It also allows us to better understand your yields and improve on Crop Intelligence.
And remember we encourage you to enter your harvest data.  Your information will remain private and is only used to validate our yield potential numbers.  We want you to get the most you can out of Crop Intelligence so if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us! 
April & Chad Nichol with Elston Solberg discussing how they will use the 2019 Potential in planning for next year.